Volunteering at Beulah Sion will comprise providing help at the Beulah Centre and serving the community for a specified period of time. You can volunteer as a group, or on your own. Some individuals may use this volunteering opportunity to satisfy internship or service requirements for their studies. 

At the Beulah Centre you can volunteer in:

Construction, electrical, plumbing, carpentry

  •          Agriculture and agri-food processing
  •          Building, painting, repairs
  •          Teaching children / a specific vocation
  •          Teaching English to children and adults
  •          Working with children
  •          Kitchen
  •          Fundraising

Please contact us for more information.


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Through your faithful support, we are able to facilitate these social and spiritual empowerment programs that transform lives and pave the way for a strong and influential generation that is to come. If you share our vision, come join us!

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